Weekly Sports Roundup #6 (06/02/23)

Weekly Sports Roundup #6 (06/02/23)

Last weeks roundups:

F1 Bahrain GP 2023

  • Verstappen dominates F1 opening having started in pole.
  • It was a dream 1 and 2 for Red Bull, whilst Fernando Alonso reached the podium after Ferrari woes
  • Charles Le Clerc was running third behind Sergio Perez, who he had passed off the line before being re-overtaken later in the race, but then suffered a power failure with 17 laps remaining.
  • Following one of its worst days in racing, Mercedes has announced plans to implement radical changes to its car. Team principal Toto Wolff has described the team's performance as "painful" after seeing how far off their car is from that of Red Bull's.


  • Newcastle lost 2-0 at the Etihad against a strong Manchester City side. Newcastle United's struggle to convert opportunities into goals remains a significant issue for the team.
  • Liverpool delivered a stunning 7-0 victory over Manchester United at home, with Mohamed Salah turning in a particularly impressive performance. The star player appears to consistently come to life during this fixture, further solidifying his status as one of the most lethal strikers in the game. In addition to Salah's standout performance, Liverpool also showed glimpses of the potency and promise of the next incarnation of Klopp's front line. Both Nunez and Gakpo scored two goals each, demonstrating their abilities and potential as valuable assets to the team.

This weeks round ups


  • This is arguably the most important weekend of the championship.
  • France's winless record at Twickenham over the years has been a cause for concern for the team, and many are curious to see if they can finally break the streak. However, their recent form has been promising, and they will undoubtedly put up a strong fight against England.
  • The upcoming match between Wales and Italy is an important one for both teams, as a win could help them avoid finishing at the bottom of the table. While neither team is likely to contend for the championship, avoiding the wooden spoon would still be a significant accomplishment.
  • Scotland's recent match against France showcased the team's true potential and highlighted their ability to compete at a high level. Their impressive performance has raised expectations for their upcoming match against Ireland, and many are curious to see if they can pull off an upset at home.

Saturday 11th March

Sunday 12th March

  • Scotland vs Ireland


This week we will focus on the Champions League

Chelsea vs Dortmund Tuesday 7th March:

  • After an ok performance against Leeds on the weekend this might be the fixture that really determines Graham Potter's future at the club.
  • Coming from behind Chelsea are really going to have to pull something together.
  • Can Mudryk be the savior he was always destined to be?

Bayern Munich vs PSG Wednesday 8th March :

  • This is a big game for PSG who lost the last leg at home 1-0.
  • If they fail to make the quarter Finals of the Champions League it will be another missed opportunity to win the trophy they have always dreamed of winning.
  • Mbappe has said that the outcome of this game is likely to determine his future at PSG.

Tottenham Vs AC Milan Wednesday 8th March:

  • Tottenham suffered a 1-0 defeat in their away match against an out-of-form AC Milan, leaving many wondering if they can turn things around in the upcoming fixture.
  • Antonio Conte will return to the dug out for the game on Wednesday after a gallbladder surgery.
  • The future of Antonio Conte at the club remains uncertain, with recent events adding to the speculation. After the team's 1-0 defeat against Wolves at Molineux stadium, fans were heard singing "He's magic you know, Mauricio Pochettino", adding to the growing uncertainty surrounding Conte's position.
  • Tottenham's position in the Premier League is still relatively stable, but their performances have been inconsistent, leaving fans frustrated. Antonio Conte's insistence on playing a back three system has been a point of contention, with many feeling that it is limiting the team's potential.